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Save The Date

To save the date:

1) Email us asking for a proper quotation including below details:
        Subject : Something Sweet Price Quotation

        Hi Mimi

        I would like to ask for a quotation for my event. The details are as follow :

        Name :
        Facebook Name :
        Tel :
        Email Address :
        Occasion and Theme color :
        Tentative Date and Time:
        Venue :
        Pax : 150 pax (or please stated if otherwise _______ )

        Thank you

2) Making confirmation in terms of payment as per quotation and notify the transaction to Something Sweet By Mimi thru email

3) Getting a confirmation slip from Something Sweet By Mimi

4) Getting a consultation on theme and concept 1 week prior to the event date

5) Waiting our service at your doorstep! =)

6) Making full payment of our rendered services on the day itself.

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