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When Asking For Quotation

Hi Friends!

Well..I really need to inform my customers or (any potential customer) to provide a complete information of your event in order for me to make a proper quotation for you. By providing below information, it will make the process faster and more efficient - I hope! =) Thank you and have a good weekend everybody!!xoxo

Contact Details
Occasion & Theme Colour
Event Date & Time
Total Pax Requested
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  1. assalam team somethg sweet!,kindly provide me ur quote...;-)
    dis is my details:
    name:norehan rahmat
    occasion:wedding reception
    theme:islamic modern...aqua blue with yellow
    date/time:7okt 2012-11am-4pm
    venue:dewan multaqam,maju junction mall,kl
    pax: 300-400